Ok, you want to know how to run Fit in 42 the right way?! All of the info you need to explode your business is listed in this members area.


You will learn exactly how we create long lasting results through our N.E.X.T. Formula. Through this formula you have all the tools to address Nutrition Exercise eXperience Transformation of each and every one of your clients and have them bringing their friends to have the same experience! Your Fit in 42 training materials teach you step by step our proprietary workouts, nutrition protocols, our nutrition App as well as our mindset training to create long lasting results for your members.


DKKYou will learn exactly how to create safe effective Fit in 42 workouts that will have your participants shedding fat, getting stronger and bringing their friends to have the same experience! We will not only teach you how to design your own Fit in 42 workouts but also give you our exact programming, to save you time.


NFNFNFNFACT: Knowledge of fitness is not enough to succeed in this game. This is exactly why we include proven and cutting-edge marketing and business systems that have helped many other Affiliate coaches succeed at the highest level.


UntitledStart Fit in 42 quickly and easily with our proven turn-key methods. From sales and marketing, to nutrition and workouts, we’ve done all of the hard work for you so you can start fast! We teach you how to work smart and not hard.


jbbkkjbkjFit in 42 is an affiliation of PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU. So, instead of competing against each other, we all help each other become successful. After completing your exclusive training, you will be able to discuss your specific needs and experiences with our worldwide community of world-class Fit in 42 coaches to learn their secrets.


Position yourself as the Expert in your area

Be the only one in your area to use our proven system. 


Marketing A-Z

We will teach you the exact step by step approach to get new clients through the door and refer their friends.


Step by Step Sales System

We will teach you the same Sales System that has helped gym owners around the country make 6 figures their 1st year!


42 days of Workouts

Using our Exercise programming you will be able to track clients strength and conditioning improvements while tracking their results


2 Phase Nutrition Protocol with our custom App

Teach your clients how to stop dieting and eat real, nutritious foods to help them reach their goals. Our App is packed with healthy recipes that follow the Fit in 42 Nutrition Protocol, all while giving you, the Coach, the ability to view what they are eating and when.


Plug and Play emails to keep your clients engaged

Through out the Fit in 42 program we email our clients almost daily. From recipes, to mindset coaching, we are trying to educate our clients on how to be successful in reaching their goals.

“I had no idea our clients wanted something more! I didn’t want to create something, I wanted a done-for-you-program, and thats what Fit in 42 is.” 

Rachel and Alwyn Cosgrove

“This has helped us tap into a whole new level of client experience and care. Our first year we added 50 new members into long term clients.”

Steve Di Tomaso and Kair Negraiff

“Fit in 42, the program itself, takes the clients from where they are to where they want to be.”

Rachel and Alwyn Cosgrove

“By running Fit in 42 and bring in an influx of clients, it saved my business.”

Justin Lesh

“Our best adult members have come from Fit in 42″

Chris Perry

“This program was bringing in clients who we would never have looked at us as an option before Fit in 42.”

Jessica Daly

“I had to double check the results my clients were getting, because I didn’t think this was possible.”

Jordan Moorehead

“We weren’t serving the people who needed the complete total experience, thats what Fit in 42 helped us with.” 

Danny Twoguns

“Fit in 42 has had a direct result on bringing in new long term members”

Derek Falk

 “I was on the fence for too long, I wish I would have joined sooner”

Chris Czartosieski

“Fit in 42 has brought a new energy to my gym!”

Jackie Pezzolesi